A Note From Kristina & Greg

By Megan Lee

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday! I had the absolute pleasure of receiving this little love note from Kristina & Greg after their wedding and it made me so happy. Thank you both for letting me shoot your engagement and wedding photos this year!

hug, happy, married

“Megan, I did not doubt for a minute that you were the perfect photographer for us! I have followed your work for years and was excited to finally be in the wedding planning process to be able to use you. Your keen eye for unique shots that only you could envision, kept us on our toes and excited to see how they would turn out. They always surprised us, and we would think “Huh I thought that was an odd pose but that turned out to be our favourite picture!”. You are so reliable, patient, helpful, and understanding. The friendliness and openness you bring to the job really encourages us to be ourselves and to be comfortable, and helps capture the essence of our relationship. You are incredibly talented and I can really see that many hours and hard work have gone into making every picture as beautiful as the next. We are so happy with our pictures and are thankful to say that we can display them all over our house and really be proud of how beautiful they are! Thank you so much Megan, and be prepared for many more job requests because I would hire you time and time again!”

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