Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

By Megan Lee

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I’ve worked with a videographer a handful of times, but I’m always surprised that more couples don’t book one for their wedding day! For me, it was a really important part because I know how much it can bring you back to the moment. I thought it would actually be intimidating being on the other side of the lens all day when I was a bride, but our videographers did a wonderful job staying behind the scenes and making us comfortable. I honestly forgot they were even there for most of the day. We wanted something candid and it turned out perfect! Hardly any of it was posed or had to be done twice during the day. You can, of course, ask for audio to be recorded, but I opted out and asked for one song to be played.

Check out our video and hopefully you can see why I recommend also hiring a wedding videographer :)

Megan & Jake’s Wedding Video by the Repa Bros – Hamilton, ON

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